DC Comics Legend Barbara Friedlander at NorthEast ComicCon Thanksgiving Weekend

Barbara Friedlander was part of the DC Comics world from 1963 into 1970, was the Mother and Creator of the comic Swing with Scooter, and wrote and edited romance comics along with Jack Miller.

According to comic book expert and historian John Cimino, Barbara was a key component to the engaging girls interest in comic books for DC.

In an article on the HeroEnvy website, Barbara recounted her DC Comics history from being in

To quote Barbara, “So, to the world of DC Comics during 1963-1970 ish, I was the Mother and Creator of the comic Swing with Scooter (not exactly the Mother of Dragons, but just as daunting) and I wrote and edited romance comics along with Jack Miller. I knew most of the editorial staff, the bullpen, and the talented freelance writers and artists.”

Barbara continues about her history at DC Comics … “More than anything, I want the readers to know what the DC mindset was back then, hell, it was the mindset of the time. So, Baby Boomers gave me my title and then there was a thing called the Korean Conflict. We were busy keeping America safe, fighting bad guys around every corner, this was what the comic books were made for — good guys versus bad guys. DC had SUPERHEROES, and with very, very few exceptions, men wrote and drew those heroes. Lois Lane and Diana Prince may have hit home for a few females who took typing and had a smart nose for a good story. As you might have guessed, most of their actual talents were, ordering coffee, working switch boards, taking dictation and adding numbers.”

“Back then, high schools and secretarial schools offered typing classes, and later dictation, for those who wanted to be secretaries or bookkeepers. I don’t recall any guys in those classes, most took shop, forget about home economics. So, as a female, you were destined to be a Betty the homemaker, Marilyn Monroe Sex Goddess, or file clerk extraordinaire. Being a stinky typist, and out of the running for sex goddess, I was on the hunt for me. One thing I’ve learned over the years, we can fry eggs and fly to the moon, but if we’re lucky we can make our own choice. We are not, and never have been, one trick ponies.”

Read the entire article and learn more about this trailblazing woman in a male dominated business at the time. HERO ENVY BARBARA FRIEDLANDER

Barbara will be meeting fans, signing books and offering insight into the world of comics for women today.  Other artists appearing include Mark McKenna (Batman, Joker), Keith Champagne (Green Lantern, Justice League), Joe St. Pierre (Spider-Man), Steve Geiger (X-Men, Wolverine), Steve Lavigne (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and many more.

The NorthEast ComicCon and Collectibles Extravaganza pop culture event also features numerous celebrity guests signing autographs, comic and animation artists, vendors selling vintage vinyl, comics, toys and memorabilia, with concerts, comedy and cosplay included in admission, along with lots of fun activities for families and kids of all ages.

Children 10 and under admitted free with adult supervision and there is Free Parking.