NorthEast Comic Con, Pop Culture Expo, NorthEast ComicCon & Collectibles Extravaganza, LLC, the Boxboro Regency, and all their employees, agents and production partners (“NECOMICCONS Events”) wants to have a well-rounded event with exhibitors in numerous categories selling quality products that the consumers are looking for. The audience that NECOMICCONS Events will reach is age 13 to 65 consumers, financially comfortable, collectors, families, gamers, and fans of all things Pop Culture.

This agreement once approved, is for space at the NECOMICCONS Event NorthEast Comic Con Events, at the Boxboro Regency Hotel & Conference Center in Boxboro Massachusetts. It is expressly understood that nothing herein shall confer any rights or duties upon exhibitor with respect to subsequent exhibitions conducted by NECOMICCONS Events. Exhibitors acknowledge and understand that exhibiting at this event does not guarantee Exhibitors the right to exhibit in any future shows produced by NECOMICCONS Events. It is further understood that NECOMICCONS Events shall have the right to reject any contract and deny entry to any exhibitor at any time up to 24 hours prior to the date of the show and upon NECOMICCONS Event’s return of any payments made by Exhibitors neither party shall have any further rights obligations or liability with regard to the other.

Placing an order and accepting these terms does not guarantee Exhibitors space at this event. Upon acceptance, NECOMICCONS Events will furnish an applicant with confirmation of space, load in and load out procedures dates and times. Set up, show times and security will be strictly enforced to make this a good show for exhibitors and consumers.

The total amount payable to NECOMICCONS Events under this agreement is detailed in Exhibitor’s order. Once your order is approved, the payment for space is due. If you ordered by credit or debit card, it will be charged at that time. No Exhibitors will be permitted to enter the show floor unless the balance due to NECOMICCONS Events for space is current and paid in full. Failure to pay in full could result in the loss of your deposit and booth.

NECOMICCONS Events, at its sole discretion, shall assign space at the show and we will try to accommodate special requests. Exhibitors will only be allowed to use the space it is assigned. No space will be assigned without an order and a deposit. NECOMICCONS reserves the right to rearrange the floor plan altar entrances and exits and undertake structural changes as needed.

Cancellations must be made in writing at least seven days in advance of the event a $100 service fee will be charged on all cancellations and returned checks.

Exhibitors will limit their display to the rented table space and a reasonable distance behind that space that is deemed “theirs” and will not alter the convention floor plan in any way. No Exhibitors will be or is allowed to have any item(s) in the aisle space of the convention floor without PRIOR approval of the authorized convention liaison.

The space Exhibitors purchase is for your consumption ONLY. NO SUBLETTING and OR RESELLING of space is allowed.

Be aware electrical hookups may not be available day of show if you need electricity you need to reserve that when you book your exhibit space. Exhibit Booths is being offered without tables or chairs. Exhibit Tables include one eight foot table and two chairs.

Tables, chairs, electricity and other booth need must be ordered in 7 days in advance. A general service contractor will be providing tables and chairs and other booth needs and will only be available on set up Friday,

Exhibitors must comply with all federal, state and local laws.

Sales tax is the responsibility of Exhibitors to collect according to state laws. It is your responsibility to comply with state laws.

Exhibitors will not and are not permitted to affix anything to the convention room walls. Any damage to the facility NOT reported to the NECOMICCONS Events before 10:00 AM EST on the morning of the show will completely be the responsibility of Exhibitors occupying the space; and said exhibitor will be held personally responsible for said damage.

Exhibitors will not bring any gambling devices (EX: grab bags, dice games, card dispensing machines etc.) to be used on or near the premises of the NECOMICCONS Events.

The NECOMICCONS Events has the right to remove any offensive material displayed, including nudity or other adult material, is to be displayed at any Exhibitor’s table.

The NECOMICCONS Events only allows the sale of licensed merchandise (including videotapes, CDs, DVDs) at its events. Exhibitors are responsible for the legality of the items they sell, as well as government and/or tax licenses, and insurance. See Anti-Bootleg policy below!

Sale of firearms and adult material is strictly prohibited.

Exhibitors assume entire responsibility and hereby agrees to protect, indemnify, defend and save the NECOMICCONS Events harmless against all claims, losses and damages to person or property, governmental charges and or fines and attorney fees arising out of or caused by exhibitors installation, removal, occupancy or use of the exhibition premises or any part thereof.

Exhibitors agree to hold NECOMICCONS Events harmless from loss or damage of merchandise or injury sustained during attendance at its events. NECOMICCONS Events takes no responsibility for items lost or stolen: it is up to vendors to carry insurance for their goods.

Exhibitors understand that NECOMICCONS Events does not maintain insurance covering Exhibitor, their employees, family or helpers, or exhibitor’s property, and it is the sole responsibility of Exhibitors to obtain such insurance should Exhibitors want or need such insurance.

There will be security on premises, however NECOMICCONS Events not responsible for exhibitor’s property. Be vigilant, not paranoid, and help each other if needed.


NECOMICCONS Events Anti-Bootleg Policy

Please be advised that the sale and display of any merchandise (including but not limited to videotapes, DVDs, CDs and artist’s renderings in any form or format) shall only be allowed where the merchandise has been packaged by an approved license holder for the property(s) depicted and does not violate the rights of the rights-holder to the property(s) depicted, including and in respect to copyright and trademark.

Vendors may be asked to provide documentation establishing such packaging, authorization, and authenticity; and must be prepared to produce it upon request. The NECOMICCONS Events does not permit the sale of “BOOTLEG” or unauthorized merchandise at our shows.