fbpx Darby Pop Publishing and TV Producer Jeff Kline at NEComicCon

Darby Pop Publishing and TV Producer Jeff Kline at NEComicCon

Darby Pop Publishing and TV Producer Jeff Kline at NEComicCon

NorthEast ComicCon & Collectibles Extravaganza is pleased to provide careers in the creative arts programming for young people aspiring to find their place in the entertainment or art world, including the appearance of comic book writer, publisher and television executive producer Jeff Kline March 13-15 at the Regency Hotel & Conference Center in Boxboro MA.

For nearly a decade, Darby Pop Publishing has been “the little engine that could” in the comic book world. As home to the only official series of Bruce Lee comics, as well as a host of high-concept, highly-regarded titles such as Sweet Lullaby, The Living Finger, Dead Man’s Party, and Santa Claus: Private Eye, Darby Pop prides itself on being both wholly collaborative and fiercely independent.

Founded by Emmy award-winning writer/producer Jeff Kline, Darby Pop has cultivated a broad range of titles built upon the belief that passionate people tell the best stories. In addition to their print and digital libraries, Darby Pop is also home to exclusive, officially-licensed Bruce Lee patches and pins, as well as dozens of limited-edition lithographs and assorted collectibles.

Having served as the developer and showrunner on more than a dozen classic animated series including Transformers: Prime, Transformers: Rescue Bots, G.I. Joe: Renegades, Jackie Chan Adventures, Men In Black: The Series, Extreme Ghostbusters, and Dragon Tales, Kline often recruits his pals from both primetime and kidvid to help craft Darby Pop’s releases. From well- known screenwriters (Matthew Federman & Stephen Scaia, Dead Squad) and novelists (Eric Garcia, City: The Mind in the Machine) to legendary artists (Howard Chaykin, Frank Cho), Darby Pop Publishing aims to be a destination for those who see sequential storytelling as more than child’s play.

Some of Darby Pop’s best-selling titles to-date include the aforementioned Bruce Lee series; Things You Shouldn’t Remember (a futuristic horror/fantasy in which experiencing nostalgia marks you for death); Side-Kicked (detailing the fallout when the “boy wonders” of the world go on strike); and Indestructible (the adventures of an average Joe faking his way into Hero-dom).

Darby Pop’s most current releases include the Deluxe Edition of Fake Empire (a Tooth Fairy murder-mystery), The 7th Sword Deluxe Edition (Ronin vs. robots in space), and the soon-to-be released horror/comedy — Necromancer Bill.

Whether your tastes lean toward sci-fi or fantasy, military or martial arts, comedy or horror, superheroes or anti-heroes… there’s no shortage of enticing entry points into the Darby Pop Publishing universe. Stop by their booth at Northeast Comic Con and discover your next obsession!

Jeff Kline is pleased to meet with young artists and writers seeking advice and guidance, offering to review portfolios and appearing on a panel to discuss how to have a career in the creative arts.

For more information, check out www.darbypop.com

Admission to NorthEast ComicCon is the lowest of any comic con in New England and there is free parking.  Children under 10 years old admitted free with adult supervision.

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Darby Pop Publishing and TV Producer Jeff Kline at NEComicCon