fbpx Learn More About The Folk Americana Roots Hall Of Fame at MusicCon2023!

Learn More About The Folk Americana Roots Hall Of Fame at MusicCon2023!

Learn More About The Folk Americana Roots Hall Of Fame at MusicCon2023!

The Folk Americana Roots Hall Of Fame (FARHOF) is a cultural and educational initiative that celebrates the rich musical heritage of America. It was launched in 2019 by the Boch Center, a nonprofit organization that operates two historic theaters in Boston: the Wang Theatre and the Shubert Theatre.

The FARHOF honors the history and legacy of folk, Americana and roots music, which have influenced generations of artists and shaped the sound of American music. Folk music is a diverse and inclusive genre that reflects the experiences and emotions of people from all walks of life. Americana and roots music are broad terms that encompass various styles of music that draw from folk traditions, such as blues, country, gospel, bluegrass, Cajun, zydeco and more.

Learn More About The Folk Americana Roots Hall Of Fame at MusicCon2023!

The Folk Americana Roots Hall Of Fame is housed in the Wang Theatre, a historic venue that has hosted many legendary folk musicians over the years, such as Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie and more. The FARHOF features displays, memorabilia, artifacts, events, lectures, exhibits and concerts that showcase the past, present and future of folk, Americana and roots music. Visitors can learn about the origins and evolution of these genres, discover new artists and enjoy live performances.

The FARHOF is led by a distinguished advisory board of musicians and music executives, including Keb Mo’, Joan Baez and Noel Paul Stookey. It is also curated by Deana McCloud and Bob Santelli of the Museum Collective, a group of experts in music history and museum design. The FARHOF aims to educate and inspire people of all ages about the importance and influence of folk, Americana and roots music on American culture and society.

Stop by the Folk Americana Roots Hall of Fame booth to learn more about the newest initiative at the Boch Center in Boston. This Living Museum and Music Hall of Fame is Boston’s next cultural destination. Merchandise and swag will be available for purchase at the booth and don’t forget to sign up for our raffle!

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Learn More About The Folk Americana Roots Hall Of Fame at MusicCon2023!