fbpx Comic Con for Cabin Fever Family Fun

Comic Con for Cabin Fever Family Fun

Comic Con for Cabin Fever Family Fun

The NorthEast Comic Con & Collectibles Extravaganza at the Hanover Mall in Hanover, MA on March 4th and 5th is a family friendly event with special Cosplay events each day in the form of their exclusively designed Create-A-Hero, Create-a-Villain, Create-A-Character costume contests …. Cosplay with a Back Story.  

We tell our children “You can be anything you want to be.”  What if they could be ANYTHING they wanted to be, without regard to logic or physics?  Want to fly?  Great!  Want to have super hero or super villain powers great!  Want to be a brilliant scientist, or a botched lab experiment, or an alien with previously unheard of abilities?  Dream it, then write your own story, create your own costume and present it to everyone in person on stage at the Comic Con.  BE THE CHARACTER YOU WANT TO BE!

Soon it will be February vacation for kids in Massachusetts and surrounding states.  For some, February vacation is a time for a trip to an exotic and warm destination, for others, a trip to enjoy snow sports.  For most of us, February vacation is a strange interruption of school when it is still cold and the sun seems to set far too early.   

Most of all, February vacation can be a time to family togetherness.  All day,  every day.  After a few days of togetherness, the novelty has worn off and playing in snow has lost its’ appeal.  The vow to have the kids do something, anything meaningful that does not involve entering a catatonic state in front of a screen seems impossible to keep.

Creating a character with a story is great fun.  Part of the fun of creating your special character is the costume.  Do you have a special outfit?  Perhaps old clothes or parts of old Halloween costumes tell your story.  Perhaps a trip to the thrift store will help you to achieve your perfect look.  There is also the opportunity to create the costume together.  Kids love trips to the fabric store to see all the colors and textures of fabric.

Parents, this is your time to shine.  Inside of every adult is an alter ego waiting to get out.  Are you quiet and reserved but want to be bright and brash for the day? Do you work at a desk but dream of prowling the city at night?  Are you creative and want to create a story or your own costume?  It is good for kids to see that their parent(s) are fun and creative too.  Perhaps your whole family has super powers. 

Kids of all ages are encouraged to attend and enter the contest.   Bring your parents too.

Contests each day between 1:00 and 1:30 pm on the geekbeatradio Cosplay stage, which also features chiptune musical artists and cosplay Pose-Offs all day.

Children 12 and under are admitted free with paid adult admission (two children per adult).  KidsComicCon presents activities all day both days for children including writing, drawing, story-telling, mask-making, puppeteering and video-gaming, all included in admission.

Schedule of events https://necomiccons.com/attractions/necc-schedule/

Tickets https://register.growtix.com/e/northeast_comic_con_spring_2017


Comic Con for Cabin Fever Family Fun