fbpx The Amplifier Heads SaturnalienS Rum Bar Records  - Ed Morneau

The Amplifier Heads SaturnalienS Rum Bar Records  – Ed Morneau

The Amplifier Heads SaturnalienS

The Amplifier Heads

Rum Bar Records – Ed Morneau

“And then there’s Baglio briefly turning his back on this glorious noise for some pure pop majesty with the brilliant Such a shame we don’t hear this kind of craft on the present radio of forgotten songs.”

When I was a kid I had this recurring dream that I was on some old rickety wooden roller coaster with my father at Revere Beach or Paragon Park, and the car suddenly accelerated, then derailed and we flew off into an unknown darkening sky screaming the night away. I was reminded of that dream last year when Sal Baglio’s Amplifier Heads’ quarantined-influenced album, Music for Abandoned Amusement Parks, captured the insulation from the cruel world we felt as kids when we spent time at these amusement parks, the neighborhood carnivals, or anything that would make us believe the summer would last forever.

Sal Baglio - The Amplifier Heads - SaturnalienS

With a new full-length album, SaturnalienS, Baglio and his Amplifier Heads leave the darkening sky and head into some Palisades Park reconstruction of outer space, or maybe some inner space, where Baglio’s deft musical architecture invokes his deepest passions. From the surf-space guitar-drums-bass, Farfisa adventurism of The Ventures and The Marketts, to the sturdy provenance of how legions of bands over seven decades took that instrumental combo format and mercilessly removed the puffery out of pop and gilded it with fire and noise, SaturnalienS is the new Tesseract of the once blessedly familiar. Everything is familiar, but strange, full of wit and absurdity and often hilarious.

The first cut, “Ghost Star Rider” is an homage to the journey-to-the-stars ethos of Ventures-Marketts-Tornadoes space rock. Something that I always loved about 60’s instrumentals was the innocence that is articulated by the effort to compose heartfelt melodies over an arrangement of instruments dutifully metallic and plastic but in service to some shiny beauty.

What follows is a hilariously wild suite of Baglio’s sturdy and reliable forays into straightforward rock and roll with just enough odd changes to keep things off balance, while remaining respectful of his muses. Unexpected vocal turns, guitar ferocity, melody, a zany lyricism (“Earth Girls on the Loose,” “Rock and Roll Anesthesia,” “Glamorama” in particular), and its a furious rush into the future past. Not one of these tunes is throwaway space debris. These pop meteorites rip through too many rock forms with a laser focus on adding the now expected sturdy bagadelia to the chord changes and vocals. Add about fourteen stations of cross-pollination of guitaristry to these songs and this writer is inspired to NOT sell his Les Paul for another acoustic guitar. That said, the quadruple entendres of “Candi Starr” can make one forget about guitars altogether. If there is a better lyric than “Sometimes a screw is just a screw…sometimes you hit the nail on the head,” I don’t know what it is.

And then there’s Baglio briefly turning his back on this glorious noise for some pure pop majesty with the brilliant “The House of Young Dolls.” This would fit nicely on any Beatles, Beach Boys, Kinks greatest hits. Such a shame we don’t hear this kind of craft on the present radio of forgotten songs. Weird that the penultimate “The Amp Has Lost Its Head” has similar foreboding sympathies, with a middle eight that is as sad as it is frightening. I see Mr. Baglio, his last words—“Gimme my guitar, gimme my guitar for fuck’s sake! The chords, the chords!”—like Kurtz in “Apocalypse Now”: The horror…the horror.” But it’s a brief moment of despair, as the last tune lifts off. “On the Moon” invokes what all dreamers desire—to seek some kind of solace and peace away from earthbound madness. “It’s nice to be in orbit.”

Ed Morneau

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