fbpx Sal Baglio gets Faster and Louder at MusicCon 2023

Sal Baglio gets Faster and Louder at MusicCon 2023

Faster and Louder

The Amplifier Heads

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Rectifier, the fourth Amplifier Heads album in four years, is a full-on celebration of rock and roll. Coming in at a lean and mean nine tracks, this Rum Bar Records CD release continues the songwriting roll that Sal Baglio has been on since 2019. With The Amplifier Heads, the former Stompers singer/guitarist finds himself unhampered by stylistic restrictions. Rectifier, like its predecessors, brings to mind everything from garage rock to the British Invasion to glam rock to power pop to early rock and roll. I recently had the opportunity to interview Baglio about the album on an episode of Born Too Late. Perhaps we should have temporarily re-named the show Born At the Right Time since Baglio is of that generation that does remember rock ‘n’ roll radio! As a songwriter, he’s influenced by all of that incredible music he grew up on in the ’60s and ’70s. In these songs, you’ll hear hints of everyone from Berry to the Beatles to Bolan, yet it all comes out sounding uniquely like Sal Baglio. 

Sal Baglio - The Amplifier Heads - Rectifier

Running less than 25 minutes, Rectifier is a perfect little album to enjoy the old school way: pop in the CD, grab a tasty beverage, relax, and enjoy some timeless rock and roll! This album was born out of the success of the single “Space Cadette,” which Baglio wrote for Norty Cohen’s musical They Came To Rock. Malibu Lou figured that a smash hit like “Space Cadette” ought to be the centerpiece of an album. Baglio promptly worked his magic, and Rectifier came to be. The garage rock stomper (no pun intended, I swear!) “Space Cadette” is the album’s literal and figurative centerpiece, but there are hits up and down the line. Bookended by the anthems “The Man Who Invented Rock and Roll” and “Rock Rules” are ace tracks such the triumphant sing-along “Underground” (a tribute to that magical place where rock and roll remains alive and well), the high energy rocker “Maniaxe,” and the mesmerizing acoustic cut “Headhunter.” Honestly, there’s not a bad track in the bunch. Baglio, in his typical style, comes up with song titles that sound like sci-fi/horror B-movies but turn out to be so much more than that (“Monsters” is truly profound). 

Rectifier is available now from the Rum Bar lounge and directly from The Amplifier Heads webstore. If you’re been searching for that place where the music is loud and groovy, look no further!

Lord Rutledge


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