NEComicCon & Collectibles Extravaganza Exhibitors Bring the Awesome

NEComicCon & Collectibles Extravaganza Exhibitors Bring the Awesome

Comics, Collectibles, Artists

We have great exhibitors bringing The Awesome – be prepared to be amazed!

The NorthEast ComicCon & Collectibles Extravaganza returns to the Boxboro Regency Hotel in Boxboro, MA this March. Join us for The Cabin Fever Shopping, Entertainment and Autograph Event for Fans, Collectors, Nerds and the People Who Love Them. You’ll find more pop culture and collectibles swag than you can shake a stick at … if that’s your idea of a good time !  Guaranteed Not Boring and Free Parking

Check out the exhibitors joining us this spring, March 15-17, 2019:

Joe St.Pierre – Spider-Man, New Zodiac

Keith Champagne – DC Comics, Stranger Things

Guy Gilchrist – Nancy, Muppets, TMNT

Joe Caramagna – Disney, Marvel

Will Murray – Squirrel Girl Co-Creator, Author Of Tarzan, Doc Savage

Larry Elig – Sculptor Of Universal Monsters & Star Wars Action Figures

Jeff Kline – Darby Pop Publishing, Bruce Lee Comic Author, “Transformers” Cartoon TV Series Producer

Paul Pelletier – DC, Batgirl, Aquaman, Marvel, Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four

Tim Jones – Sour Grapes Comic Strip

Peter Bernard – Those American Girls, Scary Stories Podcast

Eric Bornstein – Behind The Mask Studios

Johnny C – Sartana, Surrounded By Death, Johnny C’s Sketch-Off

Kim Luiso – Kim’s Got Crafts

Wex Rex Collectibles

Rubber Chicken Comics

Joe A. Souza III – I Think I’ve Created A Monstah! Studios

The Toking Dead Comics – Still Toking Comics Presents The Lounge At Necc With Jay Mooers, Tara J Hopper, Photos By Jeffrey And Solana Mg Gabriels

Corvo Collectibles

Alan The Wrench

The Awesome Couple

Larry’s Comics of beautiful North Chelmsford Ma

Portly Pippin Productions

One Stop Shop

HB Comics

Harrison’s Comics & Pop Culture

Mystic Enterprises – Crystals & Minerals

Barbara’s Brownies

Crave Candies

George Contrada Lionel & American Flyer Electric Toy Traiins

Amaranth & Rue – Pop Cultured

La Coaster Nostra

Cheer Up! Games


Aura Ryan

Reel Imports

Hevnlee Designs

Shiv Art

Midsize Media

Enterprize Comics

Pursued By A Bear

Animazing Radio

Nevermind Shop


Alexandra’s Steampunk Emporium

New York Comic Auctions

Hygiei Kate Carpenter

Parcona Productions

Art Of Aaron Bolduc

Sayyid Illustration

Actin’ Up Comics

Pyramid Comics & Toys

Just a few more exhibitors include:

Michael Schwartz – Ratarra Publishing, Clandroids

Reel Imports

Lisa Was Here

Alysa Avery

Emily Drouin – Eplis Comics

DB Sports Memorabilia and Toys

Arcane Industries

Rox Collectibles

Tony’s Books & Toys

Magenta Fantasies

Scott William Simmons

Cosmic Threads

Kvellix LLC

Chris Panniccia – Grid Iron Publishing

Tyler Sousa

Erin Scribbles

Nevermind Shop

Two Thangs

Mifu Works

Author Sydney Ashcroft

Unlimited Comics & Collectibles

Jim Dyer – Fenham Publishing

Orchardworks Magic Wands

Danamal Art

Author Brian R Hall

Davis Arts – Fandom Illustrated

If You Give A  Bunny A Beer

Zombie Leader For Leukemia And Lymphoma Society

Extra Life Charity

All coming to the Boxboro Regency Hotel, March 15-17, 2019 for the NorthEast Comic Con & Collectibles Extravaganza! Guaranteed Not Boring, and Free Parking!

Vendors and Artists room open 3:30 – 8:00 pm on Friday, 9:30 am – 6:00 pm on Saturday and 9:30 am – 5:00 pm on Sunday.

NEComicCon & Collectibles Extravaganza Exhibitors Bring the Awesome


WEX REX Collectibles

WEX REX Collectibles

Wex Rex owner Gary Sohmers has been in the Pop Culture Memorabilia biz for 40 years, and will be bringing a selection of gifts and collectibles including Record Albums, Disneyana, Rock n Roll memorabilia, Antique Toys, Vintage Die-cast, Posters, vintage Concert T-Shirts, Memorabilia, Comics, Pins & Buttons, Pop Culture Collectibles and Weird Stuff.



Downtown Clinton Mass. for comics, toys, games

Joe Souza III - I think I've Created a Monstah

Joe Souza III - I think I've Created a Monstah

Unique sculptures & original artwork from Rhode Island.

Undisputed Comics King

Undisputed Comics King

Will Damante



Brian R Hall – Author-Producer-film maker- Martial Arts Champion Currently Brian R Hall has teamed up with Producer Christian Rivera and together they are making an epic historical and theological/paranormal based movie/documentary called Conquest of the Fallen- War of the Nephilim. With a full 7 minute trailer already released the complete film should be completed and on Netflix/HBO/Amazon by late Fall 2019. The film is based off of more than 20 years of scholarly research done by Semitic language and ancient Theological Judaic text expert Brian R Hall. Brian R Hall author is also the creator of the Legendary Kingdoms of Attera epic fantasy book series that he had worked on for more than 25 years before putting into publication. Brian is also the author of the Mountain Night Owl Tales (Kentucky Fireside Folklore- Ghost Stories- Chiller Thriller tales of Suspense). Two Time Emmy Award Winner, Bill Diamond worked with Brian on this ongoing book series providing cover and interior Illustrations. Brian and Bill Diamond are currently working on another series together called “Cats and Owls are Midnight Pals.” A book series for children based in the Mountain Night Owl Tales book series. The format of the books is done in the first ever NOVIX book style created by the author Brian R. Hall and editor Catherine Gutierrez. The Novix, named from a hybrid mix of a novel prose and comics bubble and story panels, is a unique blend of both genres. It’s not a graphic novel and it’s not a reformatted comic, or an overly illustrated book; it is a blend of all three. This first issue of the Mountain Night Owl Tales is historically the first book ever printed in this new and progressive format. Hands for War martial arts book series, with Foundations in Nine Gates Boxing the first book in the series already in publication. Being in the Martial arts for now 40 years, and wining several International and National Championships, Brian has taught many Special Forces Military personnel, police and professional fighters over the years having trained 12 Gold Medalists from all over the United States, Brian Has made several television, newspaper, and magazine appearances in regards to his Martial Arts career. Brian has a Rabbinical/Doctoral level in theological education. He has taught Hebrew and Theology all across the USA and abroad. An expert in Alternative Theological Archeology and history Brian has appeared in several blockbuster documentaries and radio shows to both national and international audiences, speaking on his expertise in historical theology, histories and dealing with the spiritually based paranormal



Illustrator and Scriptwriter

Science Division LLC

Science Division LLC

Jay and Kayleigha of Science Division are Star Trek™ fans, as well as licensees. As a kid, Kayleigha dreamed of owning a real pet Tribble. She and her husband, Jay, have made that dream a reality. Their officially-licensed Tribbles are the real McCoy. With screen-accurate sounds, super soft fur, and gentle purrs, they are the ultimate Star Trek collectible. Plus, you can make them scream at your friends on command using the free app.

Pursued By A Bear Sewing

Pursued By A Bear Sewing

My name is Jessica Savory and I am the creator of Pursued By A Bear Sewing. I design and create a multitude of awesome things. Many items are one-of-a-kind, so once they're gone, they're gone! In addition to many other items, I make: purses, bags, and wallets; key fobs; hair bows & flowers; dog bandanas, bowties, & other canine accessories; tea wallets; and re-usable microwavable hand warmers. I also offer custom orders! Nearly all items I will be selling have been created exclusively for NECC. Fandoms represented include, but are not limited to, in no particular order: Marvel & DC characters (everything from Captain America & Wonder Woman to Deadpool & Black Panther to Batman & BatGirl), Doctor Who, Firefly, Supernatural, Sherlock, The Legend of Zelda, The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, Harry Potter, TMNT, GoT, Star Wars, Star Trek, Pokemon, and some Disney options as well. Come visit for a truly unique experience!



Cat in the Box sells whimsical cardboard boxes for cats who think inside the box. Our cardboard cat condos are made in the USA with eco-friendly and cat-safe materials, including soy-based inks. Cat in the Box products are stylish and add a sense of fun and flair for any setting. Kitty will love the toy; you'll love the look!



Scott M. Baker, author of Yeitso, The Vampire Hunters trilogy, and the Rotter World saga. Scott M. Baker was born and raised in Everett, Massachusetts and spent twenty-three years in northern Virginia working for the Central Intelligence Agency. Scott is now retired and lives just outside of Concord, New Hampshire. He has written Shattered World I: Paris, the first in his five-book young adult post-apocalypse series; The Vampire Hunters trilogy, about humans fighting the undead in Washington D.C.; Rotter World, Rotter Nation, and Rotter Apocalypse, his post-apocalyptic zombie saga; Yeitso, his homage to the giant monster movies of the 1950s that he loved watching as a kid; as well as a several zombie-themed novellas and anthologies. He is currently working on a new zombie survival series focusing on a young woman learning how to survive in a world overrun by the living dead.

Browens Gifts

Browens Gifts

I make custom fandom handbags, keychains, tumblers and more! I use various fabrics and some are paired with fun embroidery designs. All my items are handmade and they are OOAK! Here is a sample photo of my booth. I rent a space and sell year round. I have been an Etsy seller for years and I also have a website. I do take custom orders too! Find me on FB and Instagram for sneak peeks of my makes.

Herve Leveillee

Herve Leveillee

I'm a theme park, party & event caricaturist. Trained in Orlando, featured at Story Land. Bringing theme park style fun to you.



I create art Inspired by the things I loved growing up: heavy metal, skateboarding, comics, anime and giant robots. My work is a love letter to all the things that comforted me as a weird somewhat depressed kid. I draw what makes me happy, and I hope it makes you happy too.



Zombie Leader for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Zombie Leader for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society