Interview With Award Winning Magician and Actor Steve Charette - Live Magic
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Interview With Award Winning Magician and Actor Steve Charette – Live Magic

Interview With Award Winning Magician and Actor Steve Charette - Live Magic

Visit the NorthEast ComicCon this March at the The Boxboro Regency Hotel and Conference Center, in Boxborough MA. and you will find just about everything at this pop-culture extravaganza. Including performer Steve Charette, back again for his MARVEL-ous FAN-tastic close up magic! One moment he is making money appear out of thin air, the next implausible card tricks, extraordinary mind tricks – ESP-ecially mind reading – that will make you question reality, and other bits of magic that could best Voldemort any day!

We here at the NorthEast ComicCon had a chance to chat with Steve and ask him a few questions our fans wanted to know.

BOB: Magic is an incredibly broad field with a rich and diverse history full of fascinating characters. Today we have the honor of interviewing one such fascinating character: Award winning, world-famous master magician and movie actor Steve Charette. Steve will be appearing to meet fans and entertain guests at the NorthEast ComicCon & Collectibles Extravaganza, performing on the Courtyard Main Stage on Friday March 11 at 4:15 pm and Sunday March 13 at 10:15 am.

Interview With Award Winning Magician and Actor Steve Charette - Live MagicBOB: Hello Steve! Thank you for for the chance to share our chat with our NorthEast ComicCon friends.

STEVE: Hi Bob, thank you for your interest in my magic and acting career. It’s a pleasure to chat with you.

BOB: Steve, let me start with, why magic? What drew you to perform magic, on stage and up-close?

STEVE: I started to have an interest at the age of 9 years old. I was very shy and didn’t have much self esteem back then. my older brother used to go to a place in Worcester called The Fun House and he would buy small little magic tricks to show me. That got me hooked and I wanted to learn more about the art of magic. I went to the local library and started to learn by reading books on the art and learned more about my idol, Houdini.

BOB: At 9 I was playing Dungeons & Dragons on my living room floor with my my neighborhood and school friends. *laughs* I was at the last NorthEast ComicCon show, and you amazed the audience with your magic and illusions. A trick that everyone loved was the candle and floating table, I was blown away. Can you tell us anything about those tricks? I am sure that the fans that helped out with that one will be wondering HOW it was done forever!

STEVE: The floating table is always my favorite to perform. The floating table was invented by two magicians, Losander and Tommy Wonder. Each one is handmade and are very limited. I have been performing the floating table for about 15 years. It has traveled many miles and has been seen by thousands of people. I enjoyed performing it at The NorthEast ComicCon show!

BOB: I am really glad you had a good time! Personally, I was truly awestruck as I watched the guests in the courtyard stop eating and sit wide-eyed and amazed as you did your magic right in front of them. That brings me to my next question: I understand you have won awards for your magic show and illusions. What awards were they?

STEVE: I won a few for my stage performances at a Society of American Magicians events. I won many awards for close up magic at competitions performing card tricks and sleight of hand.

BOB: Amazing! For anyone who dabbles in magic, founded in 1902, The Society of American Magicians is recognized to be the oldest and most prestigious magical society in the world. Think of it as the Hogwarts to the Ilvermorny schools of magic. I am so glad you will be at the March 11-13 show performing your mind blowing illusions and magic, as you have done in numerous other shows. What do you have planned for this show?

STEVE: The show will be slightly different but there will be some mind reading, comedy magic, as well as a lot of interaction with the audience.

BOB: Mind reading!? That will be very interesting to see! I understand you have done a bit of acting. What movies have you worked on?

Interview With Award Winning Magician and Actor Steve Charette - Live MagicSTEVE: I just finished Hocus Pocus 2 with Bette Middler. Some past ones are The Fighter, Daddy’s Home 2, Patriots Day, Ghostbusters, Honest Thief, American Hustle, The Judge, and Ted 2, just to name a few. I have done over 57 films so far and 3 television pilots.

BOB: That’s a bit of acting, 57 films and 3 television pilots! Out of all of them, what was your favorite roll?

STEVE: My favorite was working on Daddy’s Home 2 as a villager. I worked four nights with Mark Walhberg, Will Ferrell, Mel Gibson and John Lithgow. Fun times.

BOB: A question I once asked, how can someone who is interested in performing magic professionally get started? Do you have any advice for the magicians interested in prestidigitation (“quick fingers”) or léger de main (Fr., “lightness of hand”), *laughs* I think that is the only French I know; Types of magic?

STEVE: I never thought I was going to be doing this for a living as well as acting. I also had an interest as a hobby. I went to college and wanted to be a child psychologist. I also bartended at the time and started performing magic behind the bar. The patrons liked it so much, that gave me an idea to start learning the business and the promotion part of it. To learn magic these days there are many sites on YouTube that will give you ideas on how to create your own magic tricks. I learned from books and I still learn new things everyday. It takes years and years of practice to learn all the moves and slights involved. There are many different levels to learn in magic if you are starting out. There are many online magic shops that will help you get started too.

BOB: Thank you so much for your time, and we will be seeing you at the NorthEast ComicCon March 11-13. Can not wait to see your shows!

STEVE: Bob, Thank you so much for the interview once again. I look forward to be performing my magic at The NorthEast ComicCon once again at the Boxboro Regency, Boxborough, MA

Com see Steve Charette, he will be appearing to meet fans and entertain guests all weekend at the NorthEast ComicCon & Collectibles Extravaganza, performing on the Courtyard Main Stage on Friday March 11 at 4:15 pm and Sunday March 13 at 10:15 am.

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Interview With Award Winning Magician and Actor Steve Charette – Live Magic