fbpx Summer 2018 Northeast Comic Con Collectibles Extravaganza July 6-8

Summer 2018 Northeast Comic Con Collectibles Extravaganza July 6-8

Summer 2018 Northeast Comic Con Collectibles Extravaganza July 6-8

Yes, I know it may sound crazy, but there definitely is a lack of events at which to buy and sell wicked cool collectibles and pop culture stuff in an atmosphere of fun and family, for low dough admission and low dough vendor space.

There are lots of “shows”. Many with expensive admissions that leave the attendee with little money to spend with the vendors, celebrity guests that suck all the money and keep attendees standing in line all day, a zillion panels and other activities to keep attendees out of the vendor area, added parking fees and expensive hotel rooms – plus minimal advertising, marketing and promotion of the fact that the collectibles vendors are even attending, let alone what awesome goodies they have brought to show and sell! With the NorthEast Comic Con, you’ll have no lack of celebrity interaction or panels, but you’ll get to see some great vendors as well!!

Gary Sohmers has been producing the Collectibles Extravaganza in New England since 1985. He had some really great events back in the 20th Century, for those that remember the Bayside Expo Shows.  He’s been thru the rise of “Fleabay”, the “get rich in your underwear” era, and the current “who can build a bigger celebrity list” battles. Guess what? We prefer to deliver buyers and sellers of quality collectibles and pop culture items who want to attend an event that has fun, but mostly has stuff.

We have found a wonderful hotel location for the type of events we produce with the Boxboro Regency in Boxboro MA, and for those of you who attended our first one there in March (with approximately 2000 attendees) most found it a great place, which will grow in popularity once people experience it. A place where we can honestly say “Guaranteed Not Boring and Free Parking.”

The NorthEast ComicCon & Collectibles Extravaganza will be produced at the Boxboro Regency 3 times a year going forward. We are going to lock into the dates so you can schedule us! Since we do have limited exhibitor space and do not want to raise our vendor rates, we expect to sell out of vendor space quickly.

NorthEast Comic Con will have quality guests and quality guest artists, family attractions and entertainment.

Our next date will be July 6-8 2018. Since it is a “holiday” week and many people take the day off, we will be scheduling a special event on Friday night that will allow the vendors to be open for sales. We will also have a party on Friday and Saturday nights in the Courtyard by the Pool. Vendors and attendees can get hotel rooms for only $109 per night, and that includes an indoor swimming pool!

We have decided to carve out another special weekend for our annual “Holiday Shopping Show for Nerds and the People Who Love Them”. We are scheduling Thanksgiving Day Weekend as our annual event! This, we hope, will become the Nerd Thanksgiving for the hundreds of folks who would like to give thanks with their “Con Family”! We will open on Friday with a special event in order to give the vendors more selling opportunities.

Then we will be back again in 2019 with 3 more shows. The first weekend of March for a 2 day show, the weekend after July 4th, and then Thanksgiving weekend. Put NorthEast Comic Con in your calendars!

Vendor space for July will go on sale April 12th – $250 per 12×12 space, $300 per 12×12 wall space or end of aisle space, and only $100 for a 6×8 “Not-Just-Artists-Alley” space that includes vintage (pre-1995) Collectibles, Records, Antiques, Toys and Comics. All available while supplies last, so don’t wait until the last minute!

Admission for attendees will, as always, remain low for the 3 day event:

Weekend Pass Adv. $20 / Door $30

Friday Adv. $10 / Door $20 includes Concert Party at Hotel

Saturday & Sunday (each) Adv. $15 / Door $20

Sunday $10 Discount admission at 1:00 pm

Early entry available at 9:30 am for $5 additional over general admission

Check out some fun from the past events, plus current updates from the NorthEast Comic Con at our Facebook page, our Twitter feed or our official Instagram page! Remember to submit your own photos so that we can post and tag you in them, as well. We appreciate your support!

Summer 2018 Northeast Comic Con Collectibles Extravaganza July 6-8