Comic Legend Mark McKenna Visits The NorthEast Comic Con November 2018

Comic Legend Mark McKenna Visits The NorthEast Comic Con November 2018

Mark McKenna has been a comic book artist for 32 years, having worked for both Marvel and DC comics on the likes of The X Men and Spider Man, to Batman and The Justice League. There are almost 600 comics that list his name in the credits and 12,000 pages that bear his ink lines on them.

Mark’s work can be seen in Legendary Picture Books Pacific Rim movie prequel, as well as Dark Horse Comic’s Star Wars – The Old Republic: The Lost Suns. In 2012 his work on the online web comic titled “Star Wars: Blood of the Empire“ was collected into an 84 page trade paperback and was the lynchpin for the 2012 released Bio-ware online video game, The Old Republic. DC and Marvel have both collected Mark’s work in multitudes of titles like Doom Patrol, Deadpool Classic, and Exiles.

Mark McKenna has a children’s book series called Banana Tail and Friends, a labor of love that he created when his daughter was four, and had a newborn son. His Banana Tail project, The BOOnana Tail Halloween Special, was released for Halloween 2014 and was treated as an “all ages” comic project that continues to grow with children that had the original storybooks read to them as younger children. The other Banana Tail titles include Banana Tail’s Tales and Activities, Banana Tail’s Colorful Adventure, and Banana Tail and the Checkerboard Jungle.

Mark McKenna has also created, written, inked, and published the Sci Fi/Horror Combat Jacks comic book mini series. Combat Jacks #4 “The Finale” was published in September 2017, and is now available right on the Combat Jacks website.

Mark will be attending the NorthEast Comic Con & Collectibles Extravaganza the weekend of November 23-25, 2018, for Saturday and Sunday ONLY. See this great talent, along with other artists, writers, and performers, as well as actors, musicians, comedians, cosplayers and more! Live music is happening all weekend, as well as live standup comedy. Create some Cosplay accessories, and join in the contests!

Advance purchase tickets are available for Thanksgiving weekend, with limited VIP Experiences with Akira Takarada of Godzilla. Tickets for the AfterParty and Comedy Fest include weekend passes, too!

Black Friday weekend, at the Boxboro Regency Hotel in Boxboro, MA. Guaranteed not boring, and as always, free parking!

Comic Legend Mark McKenna Visits The NorthEast Comic Con November 2018