fbpx The Acclaimed Magician Jeff McBride - August 25-27th Boxborough, MA

The Acclaimed Magician Jeff McBride – August 25-27th Boxborough, MA

Get ready to step into the world of magic and marvel! The internationally acclaimed magician Jeff McBride is set to enchant the stage at the New England WizardFest & Magic Convention August 25-27, 2023. This extraordinary, family-friendly event will be held at the Boxboro Regency Hotel & Conference Center, 242 Adams Place, Boxborough, Massachusetts, and is all geared up to transport attendees to a world where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

“McBride is not just a magician, he is a master of the art of illusion. His performances do not merely entertain, they captivate the imagination, transport audiences to a realm where reality and illusion blur, and remind us of the power of wonder and the magic within us all.”

Jeff McBride is a living legend in the world of illusion. Known for his captivating performances and profound understanding of the art of magic, his distinctive blend of traditional and contemporary magic has earned him worldwide acclaim. Among his many accomplishments is his successful effort to fool the esteemed duo, Penn & Teller. His appearance at this magic convention promises to be a spectacle that defies reality and ignites the imagination.

The Acclaimed Magician Jeff McBride - August 25-27th Boxborough, MA

McBride’s magical journey began at a young age, and he swiftly rose to prominence thanks to his unwavering dedication, passion, and unique talent. He has been the recipient of numerous prestigious awards in the world of magic, including his induction into the Magic Hall of Fame by the Society of American Magicians. McBride’s performances are not mere shows, but immersive experiences where illusion and reality blur, leaving audiences spellbound.

But there’s more to McBride than awe-inspiring performances. As the founder of the McBride Magic & Mystery School, he plays a vital role in nurturing the next generation of magicians, imparting his wisdom gathered over years of mesmerizing performances. His presence at the New England WizardFest & Magic Convention offers a unique opportunity to learn from and be inspired by one of the true masters of magic.

Jeff will be performing a close up Magic Show Friday evening during the Magicians Welcome Dinner And A Show, and doing a lecture Saturday afternoon for Magicians and those who have desire to learn. He will be headlining a special main stage Magic Show Saturday evening with support from Jon Stetson and Steve Charette, with reserved seats available, and host a 3 hour workshop for a limited number of working magicians and those who may want to learn. Advance purchase is advised as each experience is extremely limited.

Imagine a place where a car can fly over yellow bricks, where witches in conical hats cast charms and enchantments, where wizards play chess with knights in shining armor, and magicians make the impossible possible. This magical place where your imagination becomes reality is what the New England WizardFest & Magic Convention promises to be.

From enchanting performances to engaging activities, from shopping magical wares to collecting memorabilia from famous literary wizard brands like Harry Potter, Wizard of Oz, Lord of the Rings, Marvel’s Doctor Strange, Merlin the Magician, and many more, this event is a celebration of all things magical.

Meet celebrity guests, including Chris Rankin (Percy Weasley from Harry Potter movies), mentalist Jon Stetson, and magician Steve Charette. Participate in activities throughout the weekend, including performances, classes, photo ops, autograph sessions, panels, and presentations.

Join us for this magical extravaganza. Secure your tickets now at newizardfest.com and prepare to witness magic unfold in front of your eyes. Remember, magic is not just about tricks; it’s a way of looking at the world. And with Jeff McBride, every moment is magical.

For those who love to immerse themselves fully, VIP weekend admission is available at $50, with general and child admission for the weekend priced at $40 and $25 respectively. For those who wish to attend only on Friday, VIP and general admission tickets are available for $23 and $20, respectively. For more ticket options and to purchase, visit the event’s official website: www.NEWizardFest.com.

Please remember that by purchasing a ticket to this event, you agree to comply with all rules and laws regarding health and safety and will not attend if sick.

The event will kick off on Friday, August 25. Vendors will open from 4:00 PM until 8:00 PM, with a preview for VIPs starting at 3:00 PM. On Saturday and Sunday, doors open from 10:00 AM with early buyer access at 9:00 AM. Saturday will remain open until 6:00 PM and Sunday until 5:00 PM.

The New England WizardFest and Magic Convention is an incredible opportunity to experience the captivating world of magic and fantasy, all the while witnessing the talent of renowned magician Jeff McBride. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit www.NEWizardFest.com. Enjoy a magical weekend you won’t soon forget!

NEComicCon Presents: NewEngland Wizardfest and Magic Convention

So don’t miss your chance to experience the magic for yourself. Get your daily or weekend pass while supplies last, and join us for a weekend of wonder and enchantment at New England WizardFest. Doors open at 10:00 am on Saturday and Sunday, with special early buyers access at 9:00 am. And don’t forget the after-parties on Friday and Saturday nights!

New England WizardFest is produced by Gary Sohmers and sponsored by Fantasma Toys, which offers creative learning with magical fun. It’s a chance to escape the mundane and enter a world of magic, where anything is possible. So pack your bags, grab your wand, and join us for a weekend of enchantment

The NEComicCon Presents the New England WizardFest! Coming to the Boxboro Regency Hotel, in Boxborough MA, August 25-27, 2023! Come see your favorite magical celebrities, vendors, musicians, and cosplay events, all weekend long!

242 Adams Place
Boxborough, MA. 01719

2023 Event Dates:
Friday, August 25
Saturday, August 26
Sunday, August 27

The Acclaimed Magician Jeff McBride – August 25-27th Boxborough, MA