Cheer Up This Thanksgiving at the NorthEast Comic Con

Cheer Up This Thanksgiving at the NorthEast Comic Con

Cheer Up! is the ultimate party game where you make the jokes, and you make the rules. Also, there’s a funny dog mascot (yes he is our actual dog!). The game takes seconds to learn, it never gets old, and it makes a great gift for anyone who needs a quick laugh in your life (or anyone who hates the word “moist.”) Disclaimer: Sorry, dog does not come with game.

As the Cheer Up Facebook page explains: It all started with a poop.

Game night was getting stale in the Rio household. People were tired of the same old jokes and sick of the same old rules.

One day, Chris took Niko for a walk, when he started providing the local ecosystem with some of his home-made fertilizer.

“Ha, poop is funny,” Chris mused aloud. “Say, what if I made a card game that combined all the best aspects of your favorite party games all mashed into one? The random nature of the game would keep the laughter going forever, and I could give the players the opportunity they crave to make their own jokes and choose their own rules. I guess you could say it would be The Ultimate Party Game ®!” Niko squinted in agreement, and Chris smiled. “And I know just who to put on the box!”

3 years, a successful Kickstarter campaign, and countless playtests later, Cheer Up! was released to the world. And they can’t wait to show you what’s next.

Make up your own rules at the NorthEast ComicCon & Collectibles Extravaganza this November 23-25, 2018. In addition to gaming, celebrity guests will be signing autographs, live music, Cosplay events, comedy shows, crafting for kids and puppetry. NEComicCon brings you a Guaranteed Not Boring experience, plus free parking.

Advance Purchase tickets are still available! Come back to the Boxboro Regency Hotel with fellow fans of celebrities, comics, collectibles, pop culture, art, cosplay, comedy, novels and graphic novels, nerdcraft, comedians, and live music! Our guests will be available for photos and autographs, panels and stories, all weekend this November 23-25, 2018. Join other Cosplayers roaming the hotel in full costume during the convention, competing in contests at our Cosplay Stage, and enjoying themselves afterwards at our After Party Concerts, and Comedy Shows!

Limited VIP Experiences with Godzilla’s Akira Takarada are available, which includes early admission to all events of the weekend, as well as photos, autographs, Q&A Sessions, and more!

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Cheer Up This Thanksgiving at the NorthEast Comic Con