NEComicCon Presents: New England Wizard Fest August 25-27, 2023


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to a world of wonder and enchantment!

Behold, as we present to you with an event that will boggle your mind with Magic.

Meet celebrity guests including Chris Rankin (Percy Weasley) with more to be announced.

Professional magicians including Steve Charette will be performing all weekend.

Peruse a collection of mystical items and gifts that vendors will help you unleash your inner magic and take you on a journey beyond your wildest dreams.

Welcome to the New England WizardsFest

Celebrity guest Chris Rankin, known as Percy Weasley of the Harry Potter movie universe, will be signing autographs and doing selfie photo ops all weekend, including photo ops with the Ford Anglia from the movies.  Orchard Works Magic Wands will be sponsoring Chris Rankin’s Wizard’s Duel Saturday and Sunday as Chris teaches attendees how to wield a wand movie style.

Fantasma Toys and Magic Company, the leader in educational magic tricks for young people, will be sponsoring an assortment of professional magicians performing close-up, street magic, stage illusions, mentalism all weekend, along with vendors selling vintage and modern magic memorabilia and tricks that upcoming magicians can learn.

Mystical Marketplace is a vendors’ bazaar, a feast for the senses, where one can find everything from movie-based collectibles to handcrafted goods, wands, robes, and other wizarding accessories for cosplay. Books, collectibles, figurines, posters and other merchandise related to Harry Potter™, Wizard of Oz™, Doctor Strange™, Merlin the Magician along with other literary wizards and fantasy worlds. One-of-a-kind artwork, crafts and handmade items by local artists and artisans including books and artwork related to the worlds of magic and fantasy, along with mysterious artifacts and oddities. Every vendor has a story to tell. The air will be alive with the sound of collectors and visitors, browsing and buying from tables and shelves that are filled with treasures beyond imagination.

Interactive exhibits, classes and unique experiences allow visitors to immerse themselves in the worlds of magic and fantasy.

Discover the mysteries of the imagination’s enchanted realm with our fun workshops, classes, and demonstrations on topics such as potion-making and more.

Magicians perform amazing illusions, with performances by famous stage magicians, mentalists, close-up performers, and other entertainers who specialize in magic and illusion.

Wizards, witches, magicians, celebrities, cosplay, entertainment, classes, and advanced wizard training on site all weekend.

Vendors with magical wares, wands, books, toys, fashion, jewelry, oddities, weird stuff, accouterments, and freaky family fun!

Exhibitor space available! Click to view the Exhibitor Application