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Meet Heroes Batman and Hercules at NorthEast Comic Con June 2015

Fans of Adam West (Batman, Family Guy) and Kevin Sorbo (Hercules, Andromeda) are invited share a VIP experience with two legendary superstars celebrating anniversaries of their first TV episodes. Both fan experiences are just one element of the largest celebration of popularculture in New England, the Northeast Comic Con and Collectibles Extravaganza.

Cosplay all day, Mad Tea Party all night with Northeast Comic Con and Collectibles Extravaganza

Are you seeking an escape from the real world into the fantasy of cosplay (costumed play)? A fundamental part of any comic con is cosplay, the opportunity to dress up in imaginative costumes representing a guest’s passion for pop culture – whether the costume reflects a character from a film, TV show, video game, comic book, or Japanese anime/manga.