NorthEast Comic Con & Collectibles Extravaganza November 26-28, 2021 Covid Protocols.

In coordination with CDC and Board of Health guidance, we have decided to require all attendees over 12 years of age to be vaccinated to enter the event.

Staff, Vendors, Guests and Attendees will All be Vaccinated.

Every person will be required to show a Vaccination card, or digital facsimile, along with a matching government issued ID card to enter the event, except children under 12.

Since there is no government issued ID for children, Parents can “ID” their children for admittance.

If Health Guidance changes we will adapt accordingly.

Face covering are strongly advised for all children under 12 and anyone who fears catching a cold, the flu or getting ConCrud.

Masks can be Cosplay so make it fun.

Since everyone will be vaccinated, those over 12 years of age will not be required to wear a mask in the venue unless for some reason the Government mandates it prior to the event.

If you are ill, sick or have symptoms of anything, please stay home.

Please get vaccinated to help stop the spread and come have fun.

Thank you for your support.