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Welcome to ComicsCon Battle Royale: March 2020 at NorthEast ComicCon.

Be the funniest stand up comic and win cash prizes!

Proud to continue the tradition of mixing Comics with our Comics, presenting our ComicsCon Stand-up Comedy Battle Royale competition at the 2020 Cabin Fever edition, March 13-15, 2020, for laughs, fame, glory and maybe some prize money.

Who will slay the competition and leave the audience in stitches becoming the last surviving comic taking home the $100 cash prize each day (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) based strictly on the cheer volume of the ravaged audience. Then add a $500 cash prize on the line for the finals on Sunday, when the 3 daily winners battle to their comedy deaths to take home even more money. Maybe a well seasoned professional can be defeated by a newcomer, an up-and-comer or an unknown.

The audience will decide their fate.

Think You’re Funny? Take Our Money !