Welcome to ComicsCon Stand-up Comedy Battle Royale: November 2021 at NorthEast ComicCon.

Be the funniest comic and win cash prizes!

Proud to continue the tradition of mixing Comics with our comics for laughs, fame, glory and prize money.

ComicsCon Stand-up Comedy Battle Royale

Who will slay the competition, leave the audience in stitches, become the last surviving comic taking home a $500 cash prize on Sunday March 15, battling to their comedy deaths to take home the money? 

Maybe a well seasoned professional can be defeated by a newcomer or an up and comer. 

Comedy show will begin at 2:00 pm on Sunday March 15 on the main stage.

The audience will decide their fate and a decibel meter will judge their reaction. 

Up to 15 Comedians can enter to win the $500 at this link … $20 registration fee also gets the comedian a weekend pass to enjoy all the fun of NorthEast ComicCon. 

Think You’re Funny? Take My Money!      Sign Up Here!

These People think they are funnier than Gary Sohmers and hope to take his $500.00


Stand-up Comedy


Stand-up Comedy